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What Does it Mean to be American?

To be American is to be blessed beyond belief. For those of us born here, or those who become legal citizens, being American allows an advantage in life unseen in the rest of the world. Being American, whether by birth or by citizenship, comes with the blessing of protection, opportunity, and liberty. Nowhere else in the world are these blessings given so generously.

As shown in the last two hundred years, Americans can do what they choose with this freedom. We can soar to new heights and push back the threat of darkness, imprisonment, and tyranny, or we can use that freedom to multiply the darkness. Which we choose is up to each of us.

As Americans we are blessed to have the protection of our military both at home and abroad. These men and women who serve our country, are the best in the world at what they do. Being an American means every country in the world must acknowledge your value, because no citizen is expendable. Every country in the world knows that to harm an American is to bring the force of the country down on top of them. This allows for not only an unprecedented amount of traveling freedom, but also the ability to bring food, shelter, and hope to some of the darkest places on earth.

But same as a rich kid running through his Dad's toy story, allowed to do whatever he wants, caution must always be exercised. Otherwise we will end up as that child, living in a world of broken things.

Americans are blessed with freedom, and it is our responsibility to not only protect it, but to expand its reach. With our liberty comes the burden and the obligation of passing those blessings on to those around us. There is a reason why our country is so diverse. It does not matter a person's origin to understand the value of freedom and to desire it for themselves and for their families.

For every American out there, remind yourself of your daily duty to see that the freedom is preserved. Freedoms surrendered will never be gifted back as easily as they are taken.

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