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What is an American?

I have often pondered this question. When you travel around and visit places that are collecting points of nationalities, I have always wondered: what is an American? So many countries and cultures around the world have withstood centuries of refining. But we just celebrated our 245th birthday. So how do we know what it is to be American? We have been called a melting pot for a reason, and therefore looks, race, or culture, play no real role in the identification.

Instead, there is an American attitude that infuses the truest of us. There is an essence that comes with knowing the fullness of freedom in your homeland. This defines Americans from every other nationality in the world.

And so, I invite you to join in our quest to, not only resurrect American history, but understand what makes a TRUE American. At the origin of my mission to define what it is to be an American, I discovered ten beliefs that form the foundation of being American. This is how “The I’m American Declaration” came to be:

I believe in the strength of a country committed to the principles of freedom

I believe in the pursuit of truth both past and present

I believe in the hope of the unknown future and the endless possibilities

I believe in the power of hard work and determination

I believe in the love of community and family

I believe in the appreciation of teamwork and collaboration

I believe in the function of integrity and ethics

I believe in the respect of alternative opinions and its necessity in a democracy

I believe in the fighting spirit and knowing what I do not stand for will fall

I believe in the reverence of sacrifice and memorial for those gone

This declaration illuminates what makes an American no matter their time or place in our history and sets the foundation for my ground-breaking children’s series “I’m American.”

Follow along as we discover times and events we have never imagined and get to experience some of the most important moments in American history.

I look forward to getting know each of you along the journey,

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